Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter in Pictures

Well, it has been a long winter.  But that has meant a lot of fun "snow days" filled with games, food, movies and relaxation.    Here's what we have been up to since November.....

This was the girls Christmas concert for band in December.  Love listening to them play!

This was the first of the mighty snow storms that we had blow thru our midwest town.  This one happened before the brutal cold set in so we were able to get out and enjoy it.  We helped build the boys some snow forts and then they enjoyed battling it out.  Later that afternoon it became apparent that I had come down with one of the many, many viruses that moved through our house this winter.  And it was a wretched one...ugh.

The younger three were able to participate in our church's pageant this year.  It was so fun.  John got to be Joseph, Nathan was a wiseman, and Ashley was part of the angel choir.  She helped keep the little angels still and passed the mic around.  I am so thankful for all the hardwork of everyone who led the pageant.  It was great!

Ahhhhh...Christmas.  One of the best days of the year.  We had a great Christmas this year hanging out at home with my parents.  This pics sum up our day.  Sara enjoying her new, fancy earphones, Ashley "crafting" with one of her new crafts, John-legos-of course!, and sweet Nathan enjoying his new bongos and his headlamp at the same time!
And this one was taken this last week during our brief warm up.  This kid had such fun playing in the snow while it was almost 50 degrees.  Bummer that it didn't last long, but it did last long enough for us to remember that winter won't last forever.

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