Friday, January 23, 2015

Recent Loves

Winter is hard on least it has been the last few years.  I'm not sure why.  It didn't used to bother me.  Maybe it is my current job as when it gets cold and snowy, I can't get out with the kids, and by the time they leave, it is dark.  Whatever it is, it has been hard.  So this year I have been trying to be proactive about not wishing the days of January and February away.  These days count too.  I realize my attitude is internal and can't be control by externals, but here are some recent externals in my life that have been helping my internal attitude......

Recent loves...

My new Bluetooth speaker for my iPad.  I love it.  And our recent favorite pandora channel has been film scores.  If you wander into my house, it would not be unusual to hear us playing "name that movie" as we hear the soundtracks.  It has really made me want to track down Dances With Wolves and watch it again.  I had forgotten how great the soundtrack to that one is.

On the theme of music, this year we have started somewhat of a dance party ritual after breakfast. We crank up the music and enjoy the scurrying of brushing teeth and putting coats on. Our current favorites are Galaxies by Owl City (we have a choreographed dance from summer camp that goes with this one), Let it Out by Switchfoot and Greater by MercyMe (this is our youth group theme song for the year). It has really added some life to the beginning of our days.

Jamberry nail wraps....I have awful nails that typically look, well, awful.  Polish just cannot keep up with my lifestyle.  And, while these don't last quite as long as some have claimed, they do last a very long time on my nails.  And looking at flowers on my nails helps make me feel happy.

I have a one cup coffee coffee thing that I picked up at World Market over Christmas.  It cost me $6 and I love it.  I'm not sure the official name of it.  It is a large, ceramic cup that cone coffee filters fit in.  It tapers at the bottom to fit over a coffee mug.  And it, of course, has a hole in the bottom.  You boil your water, pour it over your grounds, wait for it to fill your cup and you are good to go. I love it!

The all school spelling bee is this morning. This is Ashley's fourth year participating in it.  She really can spell....she can spell much better than I can which really isn't saying much..  Anyway, the nerves tend to get the best of her. This morning at breakfast "success" as a parent was seen. All her siblings prayed earnestly for her...and not just that she would win, but for God's peace and His perspective and His glory to be seen.

Light Greek yogurt...several in my house are on special diets for various reasons.  The one thing we can all eat is light Greek yogurt.  I definitely should be buying stock in it.

You know that moment when you are at a friend's house that has older children for dinner and at the end of dinner you are so impressed because their older kids got up from the table, cleared the table without being asked and the proceeded to do the dishes without being asked?  And you did their parents do that?  And will my kids ever do that?   Well, that happened last night only it was at my house! I was so proud.  And if you asked me how I did it....honestly, I wish I could share my special formula, but I have no idea how it happened.  Thankful for God working in their hearts!.

And, finally, I am so very thankful it is not as cold as last year.  Can we all just say Amen to that!!

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