Monday, May 7, 2007

The moments I live for

We have developed somewhat of a tradition at our house of going for drives. Well, to be honest, it is more of an escape for Joe and I then it is a tradition. For some reason if our kids are going crazy just being kids a drive seems to calm them down or it at least calms Joe and I down. We also seem to have some of our most insightful conversations on our car drives. Both of our girls accepted Jesus as their Saviour in the backseat of our van. Tonight was a night for a drive. It had been a long day for both Joe & I and the kids seemed to be just getting their second wind (we are convinced that they steal our energy from us to use it against us!) so right after supper with the dirty dishes still on the table we loaded the van to go look for some wildlife and hopefully slightly subdue the children. The drive to the park was fairly normal filled with intermitent screaming and laughter. Joe had finally had his fill and commanded complete silence as we entered a nearby park. After a peaceful and quiet drive through the park we stopped to look at the river and then one of those precious moments occurred. Sara piped up and asked something that I'm sure had been on her mind for awhile "If it was Adam and Eve who decided to eat the fruit, then why did we become sinners?" This led to an in depth theological discussion which we all enjoyed. Five minutes later we were counting deer in the woods and then it was back home to do the dishes and put on PJs. Those are the moments I live for each day.

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Grandma H said...

Wow, wish I'd been there to hear the question and the explanation. Aren't you glad you're keeping a record of these special moments? I am.