Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We had to nix our Horn family Memorial Day weekend tradition of welcoming in summer by camping out in the backyard--it rained and they were calling for storms. So instead we cleaned the house--great team work!--and then visited a local state park. Here's some pictures from today:
our navigator

Is there one owl or two, dad?

hangin' out with the buffalo

Have you ever been this close to a buffalo? I wasn't even using a zoom lense on my camera. You could hear them pulling on grass and eating it.

Awe, mom, can't we go see the foxes now? Do you have to take more pictures?

The 58' slide--look mom, no hands!

It was a decent substitute for camping, but if it ever warms up we have promised a make-up camp-out session in the backyard. The firewood is ready to go.

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