Friday, June 20, 2008

Picture this:

It is 6:45am, and John has emerged from his bed in his incredible hulk boxer shorts. He quickly places his new batman mask on his face, grabs his kung fu panda and evil rhinoceros and commences a battle complete with authentic karate chop audio. As I walk in, he creates a cease fire so that he can say to me "Mom, have you seen me in the mirror. I look very scary." "John, I can already see that you look scary." "No mom, you have to see me in the mirror. I look very scary in the mirror. See? I look very scary." Yes, the world should be very afraid of kung fu batman hulk--especially if he is looking in the mirror!


The Rosetto's said...

did you explain to the child that he looks the same in the mirror? or do you think you will let him discover this on his own? LOL

when the boys were smaller we had bob the underwear builder, i will have to show you pictures sometime. they would shove all their tools in their underwear and walk around with safety goggles on.

Horn herd mom said...

I attempted but it brought no success. I have some great pics of Nathan in his underwear and spiderman sunglasses--absolutely priceless.

The Bullhorn said...

Batman mask: $2.88
Incredible Hulk Boxer shorts: $3.99
Kung Fu Panda action figures: $5.88
Being a 4 year old superhero who scares his mother: Priceless