Friday, October 24, 2008

My blog list (is it really a list if there is only one???)

The hubster is bringing pizza home for supper so in his honor I started my own blog list on the right side. He's been requesting to be listed for awhile now. I figure it is the least I could do since he is feeding us tonight. This turned out to be slightly more complicated then I realized. First of all, he has consistently called it a "blog roll". There is no such thing in my list of "blogger gadgets". So after first being confused (and distracted--kids can be that way sometimes), I figured the "blog list" must be the same thing. Once I got Joe's blog listed (the Bullhorn), I got into it and began adding some other blogs. Now it is down right embarrassing to say how many blogs I read on occasion. When I started adding them I realized that you really don't want to see all of them. So I would need to be selective. Once I realized this I began to feel the same awkwardness that I felt when I had to choose bridesmaids for my wedding. You know the feeling..."well, if I ask her then I will have to ask her and if I ask her then I will need to include her, etc" Before you know it you can see why some women end up with 15 or more bridesmaids. So I decided to do what I did with my wedding--stick with family. Then I realized that half my family's blogs are private so I couldn't exactly advertise them. And so that is how we ended up with just Joe's blog listed on my blog list--enjoy!

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Garden Girl said...

I just may put you on mine just to make you feel bad ;)

Totally understand your reasoning but not sure you needed to share! Now you have us all wondering whether we would have made the first