Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan

I can't even begin to describe the elation I am feeling right now! I got a picture to upload on my blog. I finally gave up on my computer. I'm on Joe's while he is out being the mighty hunter (he and his dad have already shot (is that what you use to describe the arrow hitting the deer?) two bucks. The poor things--they were confused and thought they were getting ready to battle another buck for a doe. Little did they know the lust for the doe would be their last moments on earth.

Anyway, last week my baby turned 3. I can't believe it and it was a more bittersweet day then I anticipated. I'll have to blog about that later because it doesn't involve pictures. Here's some more pics of his special day:
Notice the camo on the gunThank you Uncle Chris & Aunt Kim and Luke, Hannah & Drew!

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