Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday's question

We got in a discussion in the car last night and now I pose the question to you:

Do you wash your ears every time you take a shower?


Mary said...

Depends how many showers I take a day. And why I'm taking the shower. Are we talking a "the baby just spit up in my hair" kind of shower? Definitely. 5 or 6 times.

A regulary daily shower - You bet.

A quick, gotta-hurry-before-the-WW3-breaks-out-downstairs kind of shower? No way. Too risky to waste that kind of time!

The Rosetto's said...

Wash your ears? Doesn't the shampoo clean my ears when it runs all over them? Seriously I don't know that I've ever washed my ears (like took the soap, lathered up and scrubbed my ears). Does that make me dirty? Or weird? HMMMM?!?

Horn herd mom said...

Okay, I'll 'fess up--it is I who doesn't wash her ears. Joe does. I'm like you Tiffany--doesn't the rest of the soap, water, etc get them clean. Joe commented on how gross it was that I don't wash my ears, but then I challenged him to find dirt on them.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said... But I think the water/shampoo sorta counts as washing.

I love when my hubby and I have deep discussions like this one ;)