Friday, November 28, 2008

My mighty hunter

Hunting is my husband's passion. (well, I guess I should say his recreational passion. He is passionate about other things as well.) He's gotten to live out his passion the last couple of weeks. The great thing about my husband's passion is that I benefit. I get food to cook. The other thing he is very skilled at is butchering. Now I'm fairly frugal (some would say cheap) so I appreciate the butchering aspect as well. Meat's a lot cheaper when you don't have to pay a locker. In years past when Joe has gotten a deer, I clear my kitchen counters, get out the food saver for him, label the food saver bags and then disappear to watch the kids. I honestly wasn't trying to get out of work--one year we had four kids ages 4 and under. We still have four kids but my baby is 3 so this year I decided I should be the proper helpmate and at least offer to help butcher the 2 deer that he and a buddy shot. My dear husband graciously said "If you could just keep me company that would be help enough. (Isn't he great!) Well, as I was sitting there drinking my coffee (so I could stay awake into the night hours) I began to feel a little guilty and lazy. And then I decided "hey, I could do some of that." So I decided to offer my actual physical assistance. We decided it would be best if I "cleaned" off the bones for meat to grind. (I don't think I could cut steaks). I did fine until he brought in a shoulder. I don't want to gross you out so let's just say that the shoulder on this deer is where the shot entered and that does certain things to the meat (and creates a lot of blood). I tried my hardest, but after washing my hands every 30 seconds I realized that I truly am a girl. So I took my seat and let my manly husband finish his job. (Now I know why most meat counter personnel are men.) So here's to my husband the provider of food! I would be lost without a grocery store and a meat counter. (I took pictures but you'll probably be thankful that I didn't post them--especially if you are getting ready to eat lunch.)


Alissa said...

Having helped a couple times growing up, I can certainly relate. :P

Love the new blog format!

Sparrow Wing said...

I am thinking of a picture of mom standing there next to a freshly shot holding up a gun...her answer when questioned was "he made me (grandpa)" I guess it runs in the family...or it is just with girls...either one.