Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cure for the common (or maybe uncommon) December blues...

I have had the worst time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I had seemingly tried everything--put up the Christmas tree, play Christmas music, buy a few Christmas presents, watch Christmas movies, I even had a friend who bought me the cutest snowmen earrings, but, alas, nothing was seeming to work. However, this weekend, I found the solution and I thought I would share it with you in case you were suffering the December blues:

  • Get a babysitter and surprise your husband with an overnight trip (okay, I didn't surprise my husband, but it would have been really cool if I would have)
  • Priceline a hotel room--make sure it is a good one
  • Have the hotel put you in the best room in the place (I know you may not have any control over this, but that's what they did for us and it was great!)
  • Fish tacos at TGI Fridays--yummy!
  • wandering Borders & going out of business sale at Linens & Things without a quartet following us around
  • In bed asleep by 9:30pm--wonderful!
  • Christmas shopping with my hubby all morning
  • All topped off with wings at Buffalo Wild Wings--how awesome--my new favorite restaurant! Did you know they screens all around the restaurant with different football and basketball games--how cool! I made Joe switch me seats so that I could see the Purdue game.

And so, that is the official prescription for the December blues. Tonight I'm wrapping all those presents and watching White Christmas...

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