Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Wednesday

Okay so here are some random thoughts for the day:
  • I lost my brush for 3 days. I just found it five minutes ago--in the medicine closet. Good thing I have short hair and am not picky about my hair brushes.
  • I got a new pair of shoes today. Yeah...due to my, um, frugalness Joe told me last month that I am required to budget for a new pair of shoes a month. Evidently he looked at my shoe rack and took great pity on me.
  • My son John informed me today that he does not know who or what the Muppets sad.
  • Nathan's favorite store is Sam's Club.
  • Do you know that there are only 15 more shopping days until Christmas?! Yikes!!
  • When my unnamed daugher does not put on fresh socks everyday her shoes, socks and feet really, really, really, begin to stink. This is now a required question for me every morning "Are those clean socks?!"
  • Ashley wants to start her own blog.
  • I'm having a big Christmas Open House in a week and a half. You are all invited. It is going to be AWESOME!
  • I am listening to The Living Room Sessions-Christmas by Chris Rice right now.
  • I think I'm going to have to get a new cell phone. Mine keeps telling me that my battery is invalid---whatever that means. Like I'm trying to trick my phone with a new battery or something...
  • The other day in the car I kept telling Sara to take her hat off because it was going mess her hair up. She kept saying "but I'm cold." What kind of mother am I????
  • Nathan is playing with about 200 pennies right now. Wonder how long it will take before they all come crashing off the counter and we get to play penny pick up?
  • The Illinois government has evidently decided that they won't be putting much salt on the roads this winter. They've decided to let the winter sun melt it off. And they've developed a new motto for all of us "ice and snow...take it slow". They think the "green" approach is better then salt. Hmmmm, wonder what we do when it snows and or we have ice at night...
  • It is time for my nap--yea!


BreAnna Fowler said...

I have told my daughter the same thing about the hat! Hope you have a great open house!

Kim said...

OK, here are a few thoughts:

What a cute pic of the kids. I usually just read your blog from Google Reader, but today went to your actual blog & that is a GREAT picture of them.

I'm sure I will also be one of those Moms that tells Hannah to take her hat off because it will mess her hair up. She's already done this with play hats on occasion.

First of all, isn't salt "natural" anyway. Second, I was just wondering myself the other day how far north we had to live before they started putting salt on our roads. I think this time around they just got a decent amount of sand.

Sparrow Wing said...

I always lose my hairbrush