Monday, December 22, 2008

A Merry Open House

Last night we held our annual Christmas Open House. We started this when we were in Iowa with our neighborhood. We've expanded since we've moved here and now invite the neighbors, church attenders, and pretty much anyone else we know. We think we had around 80 people come through the house last night. We may need to go to two nights next year....especially considering that yesterday was perhaps one of the nastiest weather days we've had in all of 2008. People had to bear -20 wind chill, slick roads and blowing ice chips to get here. Taking pictures crossed my mine several times, but as you can see there are none. So you will just have to use your imagination. On the menu last night was Joe's fried turkey, BBQ cocktail wienies, chips, salsa & cheese, mini pecan pie muffins, brownie bites and mini chocolate chip cookies and a vast supply of coke products. I think Sara summed it up well "Mom, this party is AWESOME!" It was awesome fun and if you didn't make it this year then hopefully you can come next year!


badger girl said...

sounds delish! have a great christmas!

The Rosetto's said...

Thanks again Karen! Did you put Santa away yet??