Thursday, April 2, 2009

my. entire. morning.

In case you are interested (which I can entirely understand if you are not) I spent my entire morning trying to print of coupons off the internet. I tried two printers, uninstalled & installed software several times, and finally got it to print only to then realize that I was out of ink so you can barely read them. Did I mention it took me the. entire. morning. It is mopping Thursday and it didn't get done today. How bad was my morning? I would have rather been mopping.

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The Rosetto's said...

My morning wasn't bad BUT I printed out coupons last night and when I got them out of the printer this morning they were all blurry for some reason. And I just tried to print some more and it gave me some error message. I guess we weren't meant to have internet coupons!