Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I’m watching American Idol right now and pretty much think that I’d so much like to hear Danny Gokey sing all of Rascal Flatts songs. He’s so much better than they are.

I have totally fallen for my, oops, our, new puppy. She’s an awesome dog. Although I must say that she’s a lot less work than I thought she would be. Almost everyone I’ve talked to says something about all the work of a new puppy. Ahhh, so much less work than another kid!

I’ve gotten back on the elliptical machine and tonight I had the privilege (although I’m not sure that is the right word) of getting to work out at our fitness center while the kids had their swimming lessons. The center was packed and I think I should go then more often. My competiveness kicked in and I pushed myself much further than I do normally. We’ll see if I can move tomorrow.

We went shopping at JCPennys yesterday. Nathan just kept wandering around bewildered saying “I can’t find any pennies!”

I wore my flip-flops out in the snow the other day. It is spring afterall.

I have about 3 more closets to clean out and then my spring cleaning will be finished.

I took two truck loads of sticks and huge branches to the dump last week (maybe the week before) and now you as you look at my yard you can’t even tell. Either the wind or the trees need to go. (Actually neither will probably go. I like the trees in the summer. And, well, we all know who controls the wind.)

We’re raising butterflies and I’m not sure who is more excited…me or the kids? I’ve never seen it done before so I am finding it fascinating. The caterpillars just started hanging upside down. Soon we should see their cocoons.

I have a couple of new favorite shows now that we have a DVR…24 and Chuck. I’ve also become rather addicted to Hogan’s Heroes. Nathan likes that one too.

Well, Adam just finished on American Idol for the night. And he is just plain weird! I so cannot figure out if I like him or not.


Mandy Horn said...

Steve's been Tivo-ing Hogan's Heros too. He claims that Abram is also a big fan. :)

Kim said...

I have to admit that I, too, am a big Chuck fan. I know a lot of people love 24, but I've never watched an episode & can't figure out what the big deal is. You'll have to tell me. I can't get over the fact that so much can happen in 24 hours!