Sunday, June 28, 2009

If I had remembered to get my camera out...

this is what you would've seen this last week:

  • both girls jumping off the diving board (we hit the public pool twice!)
  • John & Nathan swimming like fish with their life jackets on (we hit a friend's pool twice too!)
  • lots of playing in the yard with our new slip & slide (what can I say, it was very hot last week and we enjoyed the water)
  • two ticks that Nathan pulled off of himself--YIKES!
  • John dressed up as a private investigator
  • the girls learning how to do Sudoku from their Grandma Snow
  • John & Nathan riding without training wheels--but ONLY in the grass. At their rate it may be a couple of years before we ride without them on pavement
  • me cooking fruit loop cookies--hey, they were pretty good. Don't knock them until you try them.
  • Sara learning how to mow the grass. She's decided that it isn't nearly as fun as it looks. To quote "Wow mom! This is really hard work!"
  • Lots of sitting around in our lounge chairs outside with my parents who came to visit for a couple of days. It was great to do nothing.
  • me downloading my first ever ringtone to my new cell phone. What fun! But it has to last forever since I actually paid for it.

1 comment:

Kim said...

So, is your new ringtone a song? If so, which one?