Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, today we had two milestones. First, John went to the doctor's to get his kindergarten physical. Just a couple of more steps and he'll be ready to go. (Our state requires vision and dental exams as well.) He got three big shots and was so brave. The nurse even commented on how well he did.

The other milestone I wish I had my camera. I didn't even have my new phone which happens to have a camera (I feel like I have a really cool phone now even though it was the most basic one you could get. They didn't even sell ones that didn't have cameras)! Anyway, at the pool tonight (where else would you be when it is this hot?!) both girls jumped off the diving boards into 11ft of water. No life vests or anything--not even their goggles! They did so great. The swimming lessons have really paid off. As Ashley said "Today I faced my fears!" Yea Ashley! She even did it before Sara. I think it had helped that they had gone down the water slid a bagillion times early in the evening. Yea Sara & Ashley!

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