Monday, July 20, 2009

Trying to do better...

What a horrible blogger I've become this summer! I haven't even posted our vacation which took place over a month ago. So I'm determined to do better. Although this probably isn't the best time to make the vow since it is Monday of VBS week and I'm in charge. Anyway, where to begin since I'm so far behind..... Here's some randomness:

  • I've somehow made my kids completely paranoid of ticks. Late last week all four of them came screaming out of the house. I couldn't even understand them. Once I got them to calm down, they were able to tell me that they were sure that there was a tick on Ashley's shirt and then it crawled down her shirt. She was in the basement and we had not been hiking recently. We have tick sightings daily.
  • I've gotten compliments on my tan this summer. I try to just say "thank you" but usually can't get it out before busting up laughing. It is a completely fake tan and I could probably pull it off if I could stifle the laughter. Who knows, maybe I could make money from this someday--a redhead who tans!
  • As I said earlier, VBS is this week. Long story, but we aren't doing preschool childcare for the workers' kids like we usually do. However, I still have to take my preschooler (who thinks he's 13) to join me everyday. Joe watched him most of the morning today (Joe's day off), but I let him get on stage with me for the closing. He proceeded to authoritatively echo everything I was saying. Me: "Alright, make sure you bring a friend tomorrow!". Nathan: "Yeah! You need to bring a friend!" Could be an interesting week...
  • People keep asking me what I'm going to do with only one kid at home when the kids start school in 3 1/2 weeks! (yes, crazy I know!). Not to worry! I've found a baby who needs a place to stay while they are at school. Yes, I'm going to start babysitting a school teacher's baby starting in August. Am I still officially a "homemaker" on all those forms that ask those types of questions or do I have a different title now?

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