Wednesday, October 7, 2009

recent mom moments

I had to dry John's socks to wear to school with the hair dryer because I didn't get them in the dryer on time. Yes, he has a lot of socks and they were all dirty!

Ashley informed me that I'm no longer allowed to lick my thumb and then clean her face with it. She was pretty grossed out the last time I did it and I would probably be grossed out if someone did that to me.

On Saturday I was so proud of my kids and somewhat proud of myself as a parent. They were so very good on a marathon shopping trip I took them on...for clothes. Sunday was perhaps my most humbling day as a mom...not a good day and ended the day wondering why God made me a mom. Maybe that's why He gave me Saturday as a reminder before the storm hit.

We were working on memory verses for AWANA and I got corrected by my kids (more than once) and I had the book! I guess it helps if I look at it.

I remember at 3pm today that I would need to fix supper tonight and had no idea what I was going to fix.

I found four more gray hairs while I was waiting in the car this afternoon for the kids to come out of school.

I have recently broken 1.) the door sensor on the dryer. You can now open the dryer door and have it continue to run. It's a good thing I no longer have a toddler in the house who would jump in for the ride. 2.)the door knob on Ashley's door while I was trying to unlock it. It was easier to break than you might think.

I have a dead mum in a pot sitting on my front porch. I think it lived for a week.

Needless to say, this hasn't been my most successful month as a mom, but I also can say that I've managed to laugh my way through most of these which has been nice. Maybe I can use them in a stand up comic routine someday.


Jerry Cline said...

Suzie and I both look back on those kinds of days, especially the kids ones, with some sense of fun. We don't sweat the gray hairs anymore. God bless.

Anna said...

aack! karen! what a month! hope you get in a smoother groove soon. :) And, I chuckled at the thought of you using your hair dryer to dry the socks! *totally* something I could see myself doing!