Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The incident we will call "The Whopper episode"

I tried to order a Whopper yesterday at our local Hardees. Really? It's a Hardees? Ever since we moved here over two years ago I have thought it was a Burger King for some reason and obviously keep forgetting. My coffee had worn off by lunch time. I was on an adrenaline high from a good morning Bible study. I thought I would treat my hubby to a Whopper (he's had a long week). So I pulled into the drive thru, was very confused that the Whopper wasn't on the menu, but would not be deterred so I asked the lady on the other side of the speaker "Do you have a Whopper combo?" After a pause she responded "This isn't Burger King." I was slightly dismayed and then my brain kicked in. She was right this wasn't Burger King. Evidently I couldn't get it made "my way".

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