Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week wrap-up

Hello November! What? It's not November? I was fooled by the November like temperatures, the forecast for snow (earlier this week) and flu season. I thought we'd avoided that last one until last night. I guess my kids' bodies can only fight off so much. John's finally succumb to a fever. It really was only a matter of of the other kindergarten classes at his school had a substitute teacher and only 6 kids in the class one day. The word on the street (very reliable sources...other moms) is that it lasts about a week and yes, my suspicions on this one were correct, you are contagious before the fever hits. We may only have 2 to go instead of 3...Ashley already experienced the sore throat for 2 days so I'm thinking her immune system kicked it before it overtook her.

We had parents night at AWANA on Wednesday night and it was a proud night. Sara earned her t-shirt and the other three all came home with their first patches. I love seeing them soak up God's word.

John learned all about spiders and bats this week. He thinks they are so fascinating. I think those creatures were made for little boys.

We got the older three's school pictures back. Nathan wanted to know where his were. He still is convinced at times that he should go to school and experience all that it has to offer. The pictures reminded me that it was a windy day. John's hair looked great. The girls...well, it was a windy day.

We said good-bye (actually see you later) to a dear friend this week. You can hop over to Joe's blog to read a tribute to Wally.

I'm off to family night at church (which I'm in charge of) by myself. The girls are off to a girl scout camp out and the boys, well, should be quarantined for awhile.

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