Thursday, February 18, 2010

couple of Olympic observations

We are in the midst of Olympic fever at our house. I was a little worried on Monday night (I think it was Monday night) when Joe announced he was kind of worn out on the Olympics. What?! It has only just begun. Come to find out he just didn't want to watch the male ice skating. What a relief! That's not my favorite either so we just changed the channel then. I had a couple of observations last night as we watch 3 gold medals won by the U.S.

First, I like the snowboarder's outfits better then the male ice skater's outfits. I guess I'm more of a "snow pants that look like jeans" kind of a girl than a "feathered outfit" kind of a girl.

Second, was our laugh for the night. While watch the snowboarding on the halfpipe the commentator mentioned that there was some sort of "Finnish mafia" group with the snowboarders from Finland. Evidently they are "really nice guys who travel around together and speak Finnish". Imagine that....snowboarders from Finland speak Finnish of all things. Joe is convinced he could commentate when the winter Olympics roll around again in four years.

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