Monday, March 8, 2010

A quick update...

I have a list of topics I want to blog about, but I figured since I've been so neglectful on blogging, I should update everyone on what is going on in our life first. So, here goes....

  • Swimming lessons are DONE! Whew! We survived another section of them. I have a love/hate relationship with them. Love them because my kids are learning how to swim. Hate them because it kind of throws our family into craziness. I know that one night a week shouldn't do that, but for some reason it pushes us over the edge. I really don't know how mom's do it that have something going on every night. I can handle AWANA plus Joe & I's schedules and that is pretty much it. We had practices for AWANA olympics thrown in there too this time, so I've been really fried.
  • Related to the last comment (I thought this deserved its own bullet point), Sara & Ashley have officially graduated from swimming lessons. Sara was just improving her technique this time around. I had told Ashley (who claims she HATES swimming lessons even though I see her laughing through most of it) that if she could swim the length of the pool she wouldn't have to take them again. Then I had to clarify that she had to do the front stroke (is that even what it is called...maybe freestyle stroke?) in order for it to take effect. She mastered the back stroke long ago. Anyway, it wasn't pretty but we were all very proud of her.
  • We had Sparks-A-Rama and AWANA olympics this past Saturday. For those who may not be familiar with AWANA, this is a competition between churchs involving the AWANA games that we play on Saturday night. It was the first time we'd gone and everyone did great. Best of all I think everyone had a blast!
  • I'm speaking at MOPS next and marriage.
  • The crud has been circulating through our house. Actually, it hasn't been going through the house. It has been passing back and forth between Joe and I. At what point do you go to the doctor?? Today may be the day for both of us. These sinus infections must go!
  • Sara survived her first time taking the ISATs. (Illinois standardized testing). I was kind of surprised at how much it completely wore her out though!
  • We've been watching the Amazing Race as a family in all our spare time. That means we are NOT caught up (because we don't really have much spare time), so don't comment on this one if you watch it. You may spoil it. For those of you who share in our passion of this show, we are fans of the OK cowboys. Would you expect anything less of this family?
  • Nate wants to read and is basically teaching himself (I'm weird...I don't want to push it b/c I desperately don't want him to be bored in kindergarten); John can read now and his favorite book is Are You My Mother? My favorite thing to do is listen to him read it! Ashley is doing projects at school related to How to Eat Fried Worms. It's been her favorite activity, by far, this year. Sara has learned all of her multiplication facts at this point and is racing through the Little House on the Prairie books.
  • Church is being so very blessed right now by God! We had 93 kids at AWANA last week and we aren't even doing a contest right now. We've had over 30 decisions for Christ take place in AWANA this year. Tons of MOPS moms have started coming to church. We start a new members class in a few weeks which I'm really looking forward to. That's always one of my favorite things to do. Although now I'm trying to figure out what to do with all the kids that are going to be here for it....that's such a great problem to have!!! Praise God!

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