Monday, February 1, 2010

how busy have you been?

Wow! I've been busy. "How busy have you been?" I've been so busy that this die-hard 24 fan hasn't seen one episode yet this year. They are all DVR'd and waiting for me to be awake enough one of these nights to actually watch them. Ah, I guess there will be all summer once our schedule slows down. Until's what's been up:

  • I hit the jackpot tonight as a mom. John told me that my supper tonight bumped pizza off his number one list. They were open faced quesadillas. The secret ingredient was in the sour cream. They were pretty good.
  • Speaking of John, he lost his second tooth on Saturday night. The tooth fairy forgot to stop by though so John decided to jump on him the next morning before he got out of bed.
  • Speaking of teeth, Ashley did get her tooth fixed. We ended up having to go to a pediatric dentist. A "Dr. Jamie" (her first name) fixed it. For her follow-up appointment we will be seeing "Dr. Laurie". Note to doctors, I appreciate you trying to make my daughter feel comfortable, but it is really okay that she learn respect and I'm actually the one you should worry about since I'm the one paying the bill. (Can you tell I didn't really like the pediatric dentist?) Okay, I'll climb down off my soap box now...
  • Did I mention that Sara got her haircut short? I promise I will eventually post a picture of it. You may see her before it gets posted, but I will get it done.
  • We booked our vacation for this summer...Grand Canyon here we come.
  • We are going to go meet our newest relative this weekend...little Jane Lillian. I can't wait to hold her.
  • Our relatives from the other side of the world are coming back to the States the end of the month. All of us at this house are excited to see them again and sometime in April there will be another new one to meet.
  • Nathan's quote of the day "If I kiss a dog that can talk, will I turn into a dog?"

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