Friday, March 26, 2010

Heard in our four walls...

Just a glimpse of what a fly on the wall would have heard at my house this morning:

  • From the John's room...a raging battle was taking place between the Star Wars legos and the pirate playmobile. "Argh, bam, AHHH!, get them, bang, pow, crash" and other verbal sounds that can't really be put to letters.
  • "Sara, come get your shoes that I got you at the store yesterday." Sara: "Oh, yea! You got me new tennis shoes." Me: "um, no, these are your church sandals that I had to go and get a bigger size, remember? Do you need new tennis shoes." Sara: "Uh, yes! See!" And then revealed a huge gaping hole in her shoe. sigh.
  • Me (says this every. single. morning): "Did you brush your hair?" Child: "Yes!" Mom: "Then why is it sticking to your face." Child: "Because my face is sticky." We were in the car on the way to school...
  • Me with a slight panic in my voice: "Is that a real spider on the basement stairs or a plastic one?!" Nathan went and checked it out for me. Thank heavens for a fearless four year old.
  • I counted this morning...I said some sentence concerning brushing teeth more than 10 times.
  • Many "I love yous" "Have a good day's" and I even got a "You are beautiful mommy!" I LOVE being able to home to send my kids off to school. I'm so blessed!

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