Friday, May 7, 2010

The annual concert

At the beginning of the school year I began to have flashbacks of the marathon spring concert that my family participated in when I was a kid...from Kim's fourth grade through high school (remember that Snow family??) I loved playing in it, but dreaded sitting through it every spring. I think it probably lasted four hours or more. At the very beginning school, Sara announced that she was going to get to sing in the all school spring concert (bands and choirs). I have to admit I sighed a very big sigh. My only good thought was, well, at least it is only through the 8th grade and not through high school. (Please don't think me a horrible mother.) Anyway, her concert was last night and it was so great. I love this school! I think they had the perfect plan. The staggered the concerts and served a pork chop dinner throughout so you could come and go. You could watch and be proud of your child and then you could go home. The third and fourth graders combined for about a 30 minute program and they did a really good job. Their choir director got some good music out of them. Way to go Sara!

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