Monday, June 14, 2010

Home sweet home

So after 4,574 miles ridden in our van we are now home. I tried to write on my blog as we progressed on the trip and had them post when we returned. I was successful in that for the first few days and then the Internet was spotty at best. But I will try to get each day's memories and pictures posted within the next couple of weeks. It's more for our record then anything else so feel free to skip a few posts. We really, really had a good time. One of the best vacations I've been on and that is saying quite a bit considering I'd seen all the lower 48 states by the time I graduated college (maybe before that). The weather was perfect, except for WY and that wasn't that big of a deal because we were in the car and a museum that day. We had only one kid throw up which is also pretty good considering how car sick I would get. And the timing of that was perfect (I know. That sounds weird, but trust me he could have thrown up at worst times.) The kids are already plotting where they would like to go next year. Sara is hoping for Hershey, PA, but dad really wants to go back to WY and also see Montana. On our journey we saw all the states license plates except for New Hampshire and Delaware...yes, even Hawaii. Actually we saw about 12 Hawaii cars in Salt Lake City. (I think I should have taken a picture because no one believes us.) So now we are trying to adjust back to normal life which may take awhile. For example, it is 9:15pm and my children are still up. If you know our family, you know this is not typical. But they are also sleeping in until around 8ish in the morning...again, not normal. I'll have to adjust that, at least on Wednesday since that is when they have to be at the orthodontist. I'm currently surrounded by laundry and bills to pay and sitting here looking at pictures and dreaming of the grand canyon. So I don't think my brain will be totally on track until at least Thursday or Friday. Joe returns to work tomorrow and we are all going to miss Daddy very much. Okay, so here's a taste of what's to come on future posts about vacation:

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