Thursday, June 17, 2010

Randomness & conversations

We went to the pool today for two hours and it was really great. Even though I'm a red head, I love soaking up some good 'ole vitamin D at the pool. And the kids are old enough now that I can relax at the pool and not worry about a drowning. It was a medal day...John went down the big slide and off the diving board for the first time. I won't be winning the mom of the year award though. I forgot my camera. So we'll just have to go again next week so I can capture the moments in picture and pretend it was the first time when I take the picture.

Yesterday we had an "early morning" orthodontist appointment. It truly was an effort to get everyone out of the house at 8am. (What has happened to this early bird family?!) On the way the topic was boy mosquitoes (who drink nectar from plants) and girl mosquitoes (who suck human blood). The conversation meandered until we arrived at the following:

Ashley: I don't need a boy to take care of me. I can take care of myself and do everything myself.
Nathan: Yeah, but what about Indians? They have spears and arrows and you could die. But Daddy can take care of them for you.

Aww, I loved that response. Wish you could have heard the emphasis he put on death in his answer. And Ashley didn't even have the comeback that I thought she would (there aren't any Indians, Nathan!).

After the orthodontist we went to the zoo. Leave it to me (who holds a family membership) to pick a free day to go to the zoo. I was trying to figure out why all the daycare buses were there when I pulled up. We still had fun, but I'll definitely check the calendar the next time.

I'm still not in the swing of things. I'm having problems getting everything done so today I came up with a solution. My summer chore charts, but I haven't even finished them yet. It is hard to tell them to do their chores when they don't even know what they are. I could finish them tonight, but there is always tomorrow morning, right? I love summer!

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