Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite Things--Day 3

Shopping. Yikes--that sounds like I've commercialized Christmas, doesn't it? I'm not talking about the actual payment of goods that gives me a special high. I'm talking about the process of looking and joining in with hundreds at a store at the same time. Thanks to my parents, Joe & I were able to go shopping on Black Friday...just the two of us. And we had the best time. I love going on dates with my husband and this was the most fun that we had had on one in awhile (and we have a lot of fun on our dates!) We left my parent's house at 5am (keep in mind this was 4am our home time) and headed out with the masses. I got to chat it up with the clerk at the local gas station while Joe made sure our tank was full and I made sure I was full of caffeine. Then we hit the stores. We didn't have a specific item that we had to have. We had our list of likes and were able to browse...a lot. There is just something about joining others...including seeking out that perfect gift for someone special. There is such community in it. I saw groups of women who had matching shirts made just for their day. And I saw families enjoying some family time together..interacting and plotting as they planned to surprise someone. It is those carefully chosen gifts that remind me of the most wonderful gift that put this whole holiday in motion.

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