Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What are they putting in those these days?

Nathan just came out of his room and asked me if he could wear his tennis shoes today. Then he proceeded to explain why he wanted to wear them.

"Because they make me go faster and they fill my bike up with fuel so it can go super fast."

I need to look more closely at what kind of tennis shoes I'm buying this boy.

BTW, what four year old uses the word "fuel". The other day he called the cartoon bad guy a "villain". Maybe he's reading the dictionary when I'm not looking.


Kim said...

I get cracked up at the words Luke uses sometimes. Lately, he says things are "damaged". It just makes me laugh. I'm sure there are other words, but that is the big one of late.

Kendra said...

I had a second grader the other day, tell me a fellow classmate was "aggravating" him....and this was a student who has no ambition to read the definitely threw me for a loop!