Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

This year Joe & I celebrate 15 years of marriage. So one of the things we did over the weekend was determine how we would celebrate. We've been tossing around different ideas for a good month, but we landed on the beach over the weekend. And I. cannot. wait. I was sitting on the couch briefly yesterday, reading a book, looking up and pretending I was at the beach. Yes, I have a very bad case of beachitis.

So what were we up to on Valentine's Day this year? Well, the kids did some of this:

Yes! We got the bikes out and, yes, I let them ride them without their coats on. They also played basketball, baseball and pretty much any other summer activity they could think of. I drew the line at the sprinkler.

Mondays are typically Joe's day off so I got to spend the day with my Valentine. We became "spring" cleaning fools. Joe tackled the garage, the back porch and some projects inside that needed some attention after the crazy month that it has been for us. I washed some of the windows as I was tired of looking at the, um, bird stuff that had collected. I was so glad it was warm enough to wash it off. I also mopped the floors because after 2 feet of snow, well, they get a little dirty.

Our evening was so quiet. The kids were worn out by all the sunshine so they settled in to watching some cartoons downstairs. Joe had shopped and planned out a Valentine's Day dinner for us. So we started out with some crab rangoon and caesar salad and then we had grilled steak, bake potatoes and fresh green beans. It was all so very good. I thought it was one of the most romantic Valentine's Days that we spent together.

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