Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a fuzzy memory and a little respect

I added a new baby to the daycare last week. That is why there has been no blogging since last Wednesday. We'll call him "Baby B" since he is the second baby I've had. He's about 6 months old and an absolute cutie. I have been so blessed. Both kids I've watched have been absolutely adorable. He has the fattest, cutest little cheeks you have ever seen. He is also a very good baby which makes him even cuter. He eats, sleeps, smiles and laughs all day. ..pretty awesome. A couple of things have happened since he arrived though. I realized I don't have a very good memory of when my kids were little and I've definitely gained some respect for myself. The fuzzy memory applies to things like: always remember to have a burp cloth present, boys will pee on you when they change their diaper (how could I forget that one), almost 2 year olds constantly want to be on your lap when you are feeding another child (I actually enjoy having my lap full), where did I put the groceries when I went shopping with my children?, how much of an accomplished person you feel when everyone is down for a nap at the same time. I have also gained some respect for myself. Right now during the day I have 3 children at my house ages 6 months, 22 months and 5. Right after Nathan was born, for about 3 months, I had kids ages 4, 3, 1 and a newborn. All of us survived that stage, we always had food to eat, clean clothes and we actually ran errands occasionally. After a week of attempting some of that (the only outing we've had at this point is one trip to the grocery to get milk) with my daycare kids here (who all go home by 3:30), I have gained a lot of respect for myself that I made it during that stage. Now if I could just remember some of it...in my "spare time" during that stage I should have written my future self some tips.

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