Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ashley Rose

Spring arrived here and that means we finish up birthday season at our house. Ashley Rose turned 9 yesterday. I don't have pictures because I was watching all the activities and didn't grab the camera. We had a good time. Here's a summary:

  • School birthday treat: peppermint bark. This has become a favorite treat to take to school for the girls because it is different from what everyone else brings.
  • Birthday cake: Carrot cake. Wow, not to brag, but that cake was so. very. good. The recipe is definitely a keeper.
  • Presents! Ashley's big present this year is that she gets her ears pierced. We are going to do that on Saturday. She also got some body lotion, shower gel (girly stuff!) and new slippers.
  • Supper: Ashley chose swiss steak for her birthday supper. However, Daddy was in the mood to go out so we had a rare treat and went out for pizza. We will enjoy the swiss steak today.

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