Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An update from the Horn herd

I would say that it is time for an update from the Horn herd:

  • One of my children was very distressed yesterday morning as they were planning which day they wanted hot lunch this week. Evidently the menu was "wrong". They had messed up the rotation. Evidently they rotate what kind of pizza (cheese, sausage, & pepperoni) they have each Friday. (Who knew this?) This Friday was suppose to be cheese pizza and the menu was "wrong" because it has sausage listed. I had to do a lot of convincing that we didn't need to call the school and make sure they knew that they had made a mistake.

  • Nathan is a morning bird. Here are some of his recent good morning quotes (these are the first words out of his mouth when I go into his room): "Mom, I am so hungry I could eat that door." ; "Do cobras live in the southwest?"; "Kill da rabbit. (he was singing this one)"

  • Ashley got her ears pierced for her birthday and is doing a phenomenol job keeping them clean. I think she is doing better than I would be. I guess almost 3 years of waiting has paid off.

  • The last two weeks I have become very conscious of the fact that there are a lot of lights on in our house that are on a. lot. So I have been diligently reminding the children that we need to make sure that the lights get turned off in rooms we aren't using. One of these children had a presentation at school yesterday on "saving the earth". This child says to me this morning, in a very "mom needs educated" type of a tone, "Mom, we really need to make sure we get the lights turned off when we aren't in a room." Sigh...

  • A congratulations goes out to the church we served at in Iowa for 6 years. They had their 50 year anniversary celebration this past weekend. We were disappointed that we weren't able to make it out for the party.

  • Speaking of church, we are in the middle of doing one of our all time favorite things...running our 5 week new member's class. We typically run this out of our house on Sundays after church, but we outgrew our house this time and moved it to the church. It has been so fun for us to get to know these new families.

  • Yes, Joe & I are still running and losing weight. It is kind of amazing that our bodies haven't fallen apart yet. We've both had a few moments when we realized that we aren't 20 anymore, but we also aren't 80 so we recovered quickly. We went on a 3 mile hike on Sunday in the awesomely warm temperatures. I think our kids got tired of us trying to convince them to run up the hills. Well, all but Nathan. Where in the world does that kid get all his energy?

  • Spring break is very late this year since it goes along with Easter. Wow, I hit the burn out point about two weeks ago and we still have two weeks to go. Good news though...after spring break we only have about a month of school.

  • Aaaaannnndddd that means I am only about 8 weeks from vacation...beach, sand, surf, ahhhh need I say more?

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