Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May update

It has been a typical May in our house filled with activities. Here is a small summary:

  • Field Trips! Sara got to ride the Spirit of Peoria this year (a paddle boat). John visited Wild Life Prairie Park and Dad got to go along and lead his group. (He would have joined in the others, but after first grade our school doesn't usually need parents to come along.) Ashley visited our downtown area and ended the day with a movie at the local theater.

  • Bicycles...my kids love riding their bikes and we are blessed with having a good driveway and a quiet street (most of the time) that they can ride on. I scored HUGE at garage sales and Goodwill recently and came away with 3 bikes in really, really good condition. (Some of our old ones were looking shabby and getting too small). I look forward to some fun bike rides with the kids this summer.

  • Band Aids....This kind of goes along with the bicycles and it just generally being nicer outside. I may be wrong, but I think I have gone through more band aids in the past week than I ever have before. At one point last week Nathan had scraps and bruises on his face, both elbows and both knees. When he took his shirt off yesterday, I realized he had one on his shoulder too! And he isn't the only banged up one. I just went ahead and bought 100 band aids yesterday. Who thinks they will last through the summer?

  • AWANA...AWANA wrapped up the end of April. I was so very proud of my kids. The older three each received a leader's award for character and Nathan finished his second Cubbie book. They all said a boatload of verses this year.

  • The girls slept over at the zoo this past weekend with their girl scout troupe. They had so. much. fun.

  • We planted two peach trees in the backyard. In three years (hopefully!) we will have juicy peaches to munch on. I'll have to make sure that no child tries to climb them between now and then...

  • We got our garden planted. This year we have beans, peas, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Most of our tomatoes are roma's because I like to freeze and can tomatoes. I'm hoping to can some enchilada sauce and pizza sauce this year.

  • My peonies are blooming and absolutely gorgeous. Joe and I both have sweet memories of peony plants at our grandmothers' homes so we enjoy memories as well as the beauty when they bloom.

  • My daycare is approaching its closing day for this school year. I say goodbye to my little 9 month old guy today. And the sweet and spunky little two year finishes up on Friday. Over and over again I can't believe how blessed I have been to get to know these families and had the privilege of watching their kids. I also can't believe I get to work and not miss moments with my own kids. I think my current two are coming back in the fall and the 2 year old will have a baby brother or sister by the middle of the school year! A new baby...yes!

  • On Thursday (well, I guess officially Friday) I will be the mother of a 5th grader, 4th grader, 2nd grader and a kindergartener! Yikes!

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