Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The end of August

We are in the full swing of what I'll call "school fall" here. I won't call it true fall because, frankly, it feels nothing like fall. If it wasn't for the browning corn and beans, who would know it was fall. And if it was simply up to the browning of the corn and beans then it would have been fall since July. What is up with the heat the next few days?! Okay, off that tangent...

We are in the swing of things. Here are some of the things that have been going on...

  • Ashley got baptized last Sunday. It was such a blessing of a day as a mom. I have pictures. You will see them..I just need to get them downloaded.

  • The girls and I went to a Secret Keeper Girls event on Sunday night. Loved it! If you have a "tween" girl (age 8-12) you gotta check them out! And if you have a chance to go to one of their events, I really encourage you to go. Great bonding time...

  • The boys got to practice football in the rain last night. They LOVED it. And I love. love. love. Oxiclean!

  • We had open house for the girls classes on Monday night. They are both having a really good year and I think their teachers are a really good fit.

  • Sara is going to start band in a week or so. It has been awhile since I have seen her so excited about something. They are trying out instruments this week. Her first choice would be flute and her second choice is clarinet (she will have a proud aunt if she gets either of those).

  • The boys have open house tomorrow night. Nathan is pretty excited about it I think partly because he feels he "owes" his sisters the agony of going to an open house that isn't theirs. He was so bored Monday night... John just wants to hit the book fair.

  • I don't normally mention my daycare kids in my blog posts, but I am going to make an exception to that. One of the moms and I have been working on potty training the last few weeks and we have had some MAJOR accomplishments the last few days. For the sake of privacy that is all I will say, but WOW do I feel like an accomplished woman today (a sign that your a mother...even if it isn't your kids you can get excited about a kid going in a potty!)

  • I have had some moments of brillance as we started this school year in regards to packing school lunches and after school snacks. I am very organized about it and it has made so much difference. My husband may say I'm a little too organized and considering he probably feels like he has to ask before he eats anything...that is probably a sign that it is a little overboard. Or maybe I just need to educate him on the system...

  • And I'm off to deal with the tomatoes from the garden and play with my daycare kids.

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