Saturday, August 27, 2011

My boys of fall

We embarked on a new adventure this fall...we entered into sports with the boys. John really wanted to play football and we decided that we should get him started this year with flag. Next year is tackle. We thought John might appreciate learning the basics while no one was actually hitting him. Since flag is for ages 5-7 we went ahead and signed Nathan as well. It would be really tough for him to sit on the sidelines knowing that he could be part of the action. Today was their first game and they are definitely hooked...well, at least John is for sure. Nathan enjoyed himself, but not to the level that John did.

Before the game

Nathan in the role of quarterback...taking the snap. They rotate the kids around to different positions during the game. The point at this stage is to learn football...not necessarily win the game. Although winning makes learning a little more fun.
John lined up to block (actually I think technically it is a tackle position, but it is flag football)....he is on the left end. This was his stance most of the game no matter what position he played. He has his hands on his knees and looks really intense. Typical John...John doesn't do anything and not look intense.

This is when they were introducing the players at the beginning of the game (I got the pictures out of order.)

These may be the only pictures you see throughout the football season. My parents were able to come to this game and took some good shots. I get too distracted by the game and forget to take pictures. I am definitely hooked and love it that my boys love playing. I've always been a sports fan so this gives me an outlet. I just need to remember that my voice is loud and carries...a long. way.

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