Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My poor egg...

My egg burnt this morning. Joe and I were just talking the other day about how two really do in some ways become one in marriage. An elderly man in our church died and he and his wife were married for 62 years. They were one. You can literally see her heartbreaking as she grieves. The longer Joe and I have been married, the more oneness I see in us. And recently it has been in the form of eggs. Mornings around our house can get a little hectic sometimes. We have to get the daycare kids welcomed, four kids out the door for school and Joe heads out the door for work. I like to have an egg over-hard and a slice of toast for breakfast. (Sometimes I mix in some fresh, chopped, garden peppers and onions for an omlet...yummmm.) I put my egg on to cook and then I sometimes tend to get a little distracted...a question gets asked by a child, a lunch needs helped packing or I convince myself that I can get a load of laundry started before the egg needs flipped. Then one distraction leads to another and I completely forget about the egg. My husband, my other half, flips my egg for me in the morning. I don't ask him to flip it or keep an eye on it. He just knows me and flips the egg and turns off the heat under it. It's little things like that in marriage that make oneness. Joe has had a crazy busy week and was gone for his Wednesday morning discipleship group this morning so my egg burnt this morning. He's gone every Wednesday morning and my egg tends to burn almost every Wednesday. I missed him. It is good to miss my husband in the morning...the one who "completes" me.

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