Wednesday, December 7, 2011

30 Days of Thankful--Day 27

I am thankful for kids who are so curious and creative. I was working on supper last night and Joe had taken the girls out Christmas shopping so it was just me and the boys. This is a rarity. I was soaking up my boys. Nathan spent 20 minutes in a discussion with me about the sink and pipes and such. He got a drink of water, watched the water go down the drain and immediately wanted to know where it goes from there. So he opened up the cabinet and followed the pipes. This led, of course, to the one that comes from the dishwasher. So then we opened up the dishwasher and went exploring. I was faltering a little bit with some of his questions which happens quite frequently. There are so many times I feel so out of my league. Maybe I should be just thankful that we have the internet in those moments. I love watching their eyes and seeing their minds learn about the world they are in.

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