Monday, December 19, 2011

Sights and Sounds...A Merry Open House

The sound of Christmas music, happy greetings, laughter, children's squeals and the sights of smiles, delicious food, and smiles all around were in my house yesterday. We had our annual open house and it was a great success. As usual, we have no idea exactly how many came through the doors, but we are guessing close to 100. On the menu for this year was fried turkey, pasta salad, bean salad and too many sweet yummies to count. A couple of things distinguished this year's from past years'. First we held it on a Sunday afternoon instead of in the evening. Second, it was 50 degrees outside! No one had to trudge through the snow and the kids were able to play outside. I know my kids certainly appreciated that latter fact. It was so fun to celebrate Christ's birth with our church family and friends.

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