Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wow, do I need to listen better and...

prioritize what I correct. I had the following conversation with Nathan on the way to pick up Ashley and John from school. We had just gotten into the car.

Nathan: Icicles taste gooder than ice.
Me: Better...icicles taste better Nathan.
Nathan: Yeah, icicles are gooder mom.
Me: Gooder isn't a word Nathan. Icicles taste better.
Nathan: Oh, icicles taste better than ice.
Me: (after a pause and a light bulb moment) Where did you get the icicle Nathan?
Nathan: Ummmmm......
Me: Don't eat icicles off the car Nathan!


thehes said...

that is soooo funny. =)

Mom said...

Thanks for sharing...my laugh for the day.