Wednesday, March 21, 2012

things that have made me smile this week...

  • Being in church. After missing 3 of the 4 last Sundays I actually got to attend church this past weekend. It made me smile. We will dwell on that instead of the fact that Nathan had vomiting Sunday night. I remember telling Joe at 1am how thankful I was that it was Sunday night and not Saturday night. I think the Lord knew I needed to be in church. And maybe, hopefully (dare I even think it?) Sunday night's episode was the last "hurrah" for this very long flu season at our house.
  • Wandering my "estate" and looking at all the the middle of March!!! Feels much more and looks much more like May here.
  • Being treated out to dinner with friends last night and hearing Nathan request bacon as his side dish with his fried fish. Nathan's motto in life "You have not because you ask not". He settled for the green beans with bacon instead.
  • A three and a half month old's smiles and coos.
  • Stylish hats on my two girls. Even better...the hats were only $1.50 each! Woohoo.
  • Feeling the breeze rush through my house and feeling the cool air as I fall asleep at night. Alas, we had to turn the air on last night. My poor John, John was breaking out in hives because his allergies had gotten so bad. This is a new development to his hay fever that began last fall that I will would go away.
  • Crayola Stories Interactive DVDs. I have the Undersea Adventure one. And the sweet almost 3 year old at my house everyday LOVES it!
  • Fresh baked bread. We won't mention that the reason I am making fresh baked bread is because I am totally out of bread. It is easier to make it than haul for kids 2 and under to the store.
  • my turquoise blue toe nail polish!

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The Bullhorn said...

I LOVE that new toenail polish. It's fun and feisty!