Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh sigh...

I have these moments in which my kids seemed to have aged...a. lot. Moments in which the realization that they are only going to be here truly for a short time more and moments in which I say to myself "Really? They are that old?" These moments seem to be happening more frequently of late. Either I am being more observant or it is just the stage of life that they are in. Today I had one of those moments. Sara came home from school and announced that one of her teachers had sent her an email and attached the project that they were working on at school. I responded by saying that I hadn't seen any emails. To which she responded "My teacher sent it to me, not you" (emphasis mine). Oh, that's right, she does have her own email address. And obviously I don't need to see it. I've been bi-passed. Another step to adulthood. Joe keeps reminding me this is a good thing. I know it is a good thing, but....Sigh.

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