Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ok, it has very obviously been awhile since I have posted because blogger has completely changed up their posting page since the last time I was on here.  Wow...looks totally different.  Okay, so onward to the post if I can get past the distraction.  Here is a little of what I have been up to lately....

  • Traveling.  I got the blessing of traveling westward to Oklahoma to visit my only sibling and surprise her for her 40th birthday.  We had a great time as my parents came out and surprised her as well.  I pretty much cooked for them a little, played with my niece and nephews, and loafed the rest of the time.  All in all a great trip.
  • Reading.  I have about 4 books (I think) that I am in the middle of right now.  I think I will just dedicate a later post to that and keep you in suspense as to what I am reading.
  • Babysitting.  Yes, the job continues.  I was filling out some insurance forms today for the daycare and actually asked the agent what I should put as my title.  She replied "owner".  Oh yeah, I guess I am a business owner.  Still doesn't feel official even though I've been doing it awhile.
  • Not taking pictures.  I dropped my phone on my sister's tile floor and, alas, the camera no longer works.  So I will get you a post later of the pictures I haven't been taking.
  • Baking.  My bread machine broke.  Well, not exactly broke.  I lost one of the pieces so it no longer works.  At first I was greatly saddened by this development, but I have recently discovered the "art" of bread making and am possibly never going to buy another bread machine.  I love baking bread and trying new recipes.  Tonight we are having a cheese bread and it turned out really good.
  • Watching some reality TV.  Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I watch some American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  We DVR them and watch them with the kids.  I should use the term "watch" loosely since it is a rare show that we don't fast forward through at least a part of it due to the inappropriate nature...especially for my kids.  But we've been having a good time picking our favorites.
  • Discovering Spotify.  I really like Spotify.  Unlike Pandora, I can pick an artist and only hear his/her songs.  Downside? I think it posts everything I listen to to facebook.  Being an avid musical fan, I officially apologize to my friends because I listen to music all. the. time.

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