Friday, June 8, 2012

Florida...part 1

This year's family vacation was a BIG one. We'd been saving for a long while and finally had enough to empty the Disney jar and embark.  The weekend before Memorial Day we headed to Florida with the kids.  We decided to take the trip in two days with a stop in Atlanta.  The kids were pumped about that as we got to stay at an Embassy Suites.  (Love awesome internet deals!!) They had a nice buffet breakfast.  John's comment on that was "I bet dinner here is really awesome with candles and everything!"  I think they would have also ridden up and down the glass elevator at least 100 times if we had let them.  After filling ourselves with breakfast, we headed for Orlando.  As always on our trips we played some car games including Name that Tune.  As we were playing that one, we discovered that the ABC song and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star have the same tune.  We also taught them the "Big Mac song".  And, as Horn family tradition dictates, we looked for those license plates.  This trip we saw all the states except for Hawaii and Alaska.   We were tempted to count Alaska though because one of the volunteers at a show we saw at Hollywood Studios was from Alaska.

At the Florida Welcome Center.  Those four have so much personality! 

Almost as soon as we got to Florida we saw Tropical Storm Beryl.  Most of the storm went north of Orlando.  We did have a few days of rain, but that is why they invented ponchos.  It was also very nice and cool on those days!

Enjoying a quick breakfast at the condo.  We had special treats like Pop Tarts and Nutella. We were so blessed to get to stay in a 3 bedroom condo that was very spacious.  You need some space after you have spent 18 hours together in a car or lots of family time at an amusement park.

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