Saturday, June 23, 2012

I went eXtreme....

That is what Joe's t-shirt says right now.  This morning he ran his first eXtreme race.  They are also called "Warrior Runs".  It is a 5K race with obstacles.  This army basic training and you will be pretty close to what he experienced.  He did really well especially considering it was his first one and most that were running were more than 1/2 his age.  I am not sure exactly what his time was (he lost his number tag on the first obstacle, but his ankle timer remained), but he finished to the front of the middle of the pack.  Way to go Babe!!!

Starting off through the woods

One of the first mud pits he went through

Climbing one of the walls

So evidently there was a 200 ft mud pit that they had to crawl through which is why he looks like this. Ugh...can you imagine how heavy the shoes and clothes are with all that mud???

Crawling through the final pit to the finish line.

And the finish line!

Joe and his pastor buddy Rusty.  They signed up together for the race.

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