Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paint and Chess

I know..paint and chess....a weird combination).  But I didn't feel like these each warranted their own post, so I combined them. 

Our living room is painted at this point!  Yeah!  We don't have all the outlet covers changed or the pictures back on the wall.  But it is painted.    Here's proof:

The kids thought it was lots of fun to watch TV like you were in a movie theater while the living room was in process.

The technical color was "antique leather".  It is a cross between a gray and brown.  Now that it is on the wall it has a green cast to it as well.  We really like it.

Here you can see the gray in it.  We are going to paint the hutch on the right black.  We are also planning on somehow getting the gold on the fireplace painted black as well.
John decided he wanted to learn how to play chess.  So John did what John does when he wants to learn something....he finds a book at the library.  He read it yesterday and was playing some high schoolers from youth group last night.  He isn't a pro yet, but, if he sticks with it, I definitely think he has the brains to be someday.  Joe was "teaching" (some may call it "beating") him some of the finer skills this morning.

Saturday morning coffee and chess.

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