Thursday, April 11, 2013

The best letter ever written to the Tooth Fairy...

or perhaps I am biased. ;)  Ashley recently lost her last baby tooth.  We pretty much stop visiting as the tooth fairy when they start losing molars (or before!).  Hey, it can get to be an expensive venture when you have four kids all losing teeth at the same time.  But we do one more stop when they lose their last tooth.  This was the letter Ashley left us for the last visit.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

This was a big day for me because I lost my last molar (or any tooth).  This is a letter in recognition of your faithful service to me as a child.  I salute you to bringing joy and hope to people of any age.  I want you to know I admire you.  Even though you won't make any more stops to my room, you will always be an important memory of my childhood.  If you want to, of course, you may stop by my room again.  Thanks for everything, but I guess this is goodbye.

Always yours and still smiling,

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