Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break Part 1

We decided not to do much traveling during spring break this year.  I hadn't had much time off this school year and the house was taking the brunt of the it.  The closets and storage area in the basement were out of control.  I hadn't really had any time off at home to work on them since we traveled at both Thanksgiving and most of Christmas break this year.  Plus, I was just ready to be home and sleep in a few mornings in my bed.  However, I didn't want the kids to feel like they didn't get to do anything over break so we planned a couple of special events.  So the first Saturday we loaded up the car with a picnic and headed to St. Louis for a visit to the zoo.  We hadn't been in a couple of years and it is one of our favorite zoos.  We thought it was suppose to be a little warmer then it ended up being, but despite the cold we still had a great time and saw every animal in the zoo.

Our van turned 100,000 miles on our way to the zoo.  Sigh...still hoping it lasts until the kids start turning 16.

One of the reasons I love zoos is because it such an example of God's unbelievable creativity


they were all having fun...I promise!

love the butterfly house in St. Louis and was heated!

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