Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tidbits of the last week or so...

It is time for bullet points....

  • Joe turned 40 yesterday. We had a big party on Saturday with a few surprise visitors.  It deserves a post of its own and will get one once all the pictures get downloaded.
  • Nathan walked through the living room this morning with sleep in his eyes and immediately perked up when he heard someone on the news say something about women living longer than men.  He left the room mumbling something about how that was definitely not right and was convinced there was some error made by the news reporter.
  • Ashley can't march playing her oboe, so she tried out for flags and made it as a 6th grader. She is super excited.
  • The girls rode their bikes to school for the first time last week. Ashley had writing club to stay late for. So thankful for cell phones as they are making their way around town without me.
  • Football season has started here. John is playing the "O" line this year...a guard I think. We played flag football as a family last week and I certainly wouldn't want to have him hit me with pads on. Wouldn't want Nate to either...he has one more year of flag...much to his dismay.
  • Our youth pastor lent us the DVDs of Planet Earth and we are loving it! Highly recommend it!
  • Discussion at our breakfast table this morning....why do the monster truck organizers feel like they need to yell at us to get us to attend the Monster Truck Jam? Although ther marketing is effective...Nathan launched into it with ease this morning and started all our days with a good chuckle.
  • Time for my kids to come home. On tap for tonight...homework, practice (football, flute, oboe, and worship), and some more Planet Earth.

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