Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bullet point Sunday night....

Happy Sunday night everyone. It was an eventful one here as we were without power for about 8 hours today. It makes life interesting as a pastor's family and hosting a small group right after church. But as always, God had it all under control.  And I got a nap and the Colts won which always makes a perfect Sunday for me! Ready for some bullet points?  Here we go.....

  • Nathan told his Sunday school teacher today that the reason he is loud is because when he had surgery when he was 6months old they turned the volume nob up in his head.  According to him, the only way he can be quiet is if he has surgery to turn it back down.
  • John was watching the packers play this afternoon.  Clay Matthews made a great play and tackled the running back 10 yards back from the line of scrimmage.  I asked John if he saw it, and he replied in a very unimpressed voice "yes". He then tells me that it was a good play, but the guy needs to work on his tackling.  Evidently he tackled the guy way to high.  Glad my son is so humble.
  • I think we are going to have to get another computer soon.  Both girls' need for the computer for school,has ramped up significantly.  It is fun to see them work on their projects and enjoying their learning.  I have heard so much about South Korea this weekend, O think I could write the report.
  • Ashley may have broken her big toe. It involved flip flops and a tree.  Yep, I think she may listen now when I suggest tennis shoes. Or not, she is 11....
  • Sara and Ashley get to help with a presentation at our school board meeting on Tuesday night. It is for a club they are involved with. Ashley is super excited; Sara...not so much. But they get pizza before the meeting so she'll be there.
  • John's football team lost on Saturday.  Nate's team tied even though they "don't keep score". I guess they don't think 5-7 year olds can count. Joe and I had to split up. We should both be able to make both games this week.
  • I love popcorn. Random, I know but I just had some and it was delicious.
  • Nathan had to write a sample of "informational" writing for class. So he wrote facts about dogs. One of his facts: they provide free fertilizer.  Sometimes I really wonder what his teachers must think about our family.
  • Small groups started today! If you go to CBC and aren't in one....get in one! They are awesome!
  • I have had such a great time these last few months getting to know one of our missionaries that is on home assignment until the end of year. When I have sweet conversations with sisters like her, it gives me a yearning for heaven! Eternity is going to be awesome!
  • I am at the point in my gardening that I would be very happy if I never saw a tomato again. And it is so. Hot. Thanking The Lord for my awesome hubby who took care of them on Saturday while I was at John's game.
  • We have decided that instead of our washing machine eating socks, they multiple like rabbits in our house.  Seriously...every time I do laundry there are more and more socks.  The boys clothes?  for some reason they are always disappearing....especially on Sunday mornings.
  • So I am watching the Giants and Cowboys play. A Giants player just dropped an open pass and have now turned it over for the 3rd time and it is only halfway through the 1st quarter.  To which I will say two things....1. No one getting paid that much money should not drop a pass 2. Go Colts!

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